Recent Updates Update #99 - Update 99 - November 6th, 2017 Features Area/weapon/mutation seeding is now far more consistent.
There's now an option for borderless fullscreen on Windows (Alt+Shift+Enter / in options).
There's now a confirmation dialog when exiting/restarting a run; R confirms in it.
Safe spawns now work consistently.
Added a setting for native cursors - when supported, this gets rid of mouse lag once and for all.
Added a setting for mouselock (when available) - for windowed or multi-screen setups.
Both players can now play the same character in coop without making use of bugs.
Added localization support (see lang-example.ini / copy to lang.ini for translating)
Almost too many bugfixes.

Weapons returned by Determination no longer have cooldown of last seen weapon in that slot.
Trying to pause mid-generation now pauses as soon as loading finishes.
Game now auto-pauses if connection is lost to the in-use gamepad.
Grenades no long persist on level change (since they could break generation / kill you).
Proto statues no longer keep rads from previous encounter if forgotten
Discs now have an axis-aligned bounding box and bounce *a little* more predictably. (don't get too excited - the spread is still there and you'll still hit yourself a lot)
Player' plasma shots now hit players with iframe rules when reflected.
IDPD grenades now harm IDPD (alongside everyone else) if deflected.
Mimics are no longer multiplied on loops.
Select enemies now just don't increment kill count instead of reducing it by 1.
You can now blow up the last enemy with Melting's Ultra A (the trick: it'll leave a corpse).
Proto chest now defaults to rusty revolver if it's weapon is gone.
Jungle now consistently offers new mutations on each visit.
You no longer accidentally pick up weapons when entering secret areas via objects.
Weapons can no longer end up under $$$-specific prop.
Hyper Crystal now clears additional area upon noticing the player.
Ravens no longer lift up and land on same spot if there's nowhere to fly.
Giving up crown of destiny no longer can cause you to have -1 mutation points.
Rads should now get stuck on wall edges slightly less often now.
The game will take minor effort not to spawn the player right on top of cars/generators.
IDPD explosions appearing on one spot no longer stack horizontally.
In a particular location, other cars no longer explode when using one of them. vElite inspectors no longer pull non-moving projectiles. vMaggot spawns can no longer be duplicated on loops.
Enemy' slugs will no longer hit things while on last (almost gone) frames of animation.
Frog can now use Hammerhead mutation - use active ability when standing next to a wall.

Fixed original weapon gaining cooldown of what last was in your secondary slot when picking up a new weapon while having only one (mostly affected only Chicken and Robot).
Fixed portal not opening until van is gone if Big Dog and van are the last enemies on the level.
Fixed automatic weapons/abilities being used when unpausing via Continue/ability button.
Fixed necromancers trying to revive things that they can't revive (such as boss' corpses).
Fixed necromancers not doing anything if the nearest corpse has no line of sight to it.
Fixed a broken torch with T1 collision box behind T1 if dealing >1K damage to it during intro.
Fixed grenades getting blown up in portal proximity few frames after opening.
Fixed a number of oddities with Skeleton<->Melting changes.
Fixed it being problematic to sit down on 7-3/HQ3 sometimes.
Fixed portals in HQ not opening chests.
Fixed IDPD freaks being able to freely leave 0-1. vFixed Rogue sometimes getting a rad canister on 7-3 with Open Mind.
Fixed Crown of Love not applying to chests on 7-3.
Fixed it being possible to farm kills by going between a level and HQ.
Fixed some tiles being slippery when fighting guardians in 5-2 vault.
Fixed a very occasional out-of-level hole appearing together with a hostile Horror.
Fixed cluster spawns breaking through safe spawn walls sometimes.
Fixed ultra bolts vanishing when out of 0-1
Fixed it being possible to farm rads by killing-reviving Horror in coop.
Fixed IDPD plasma ignoring iframes completely, as result dealing ~120 damage per second. It's now only almost always an insta-kill.
Fixed ravens duplicating if killed just as they are about to liftoff.
Fixed cars duplicating if grabbed by a snowbot just as they are about to explode.
Fixed it being possible to force self to deal with a van by blowing up the last corpse around.
Fixed Gun Warrant not allowing to use "infinite ammo" if clip is empty.
Fixed blood weapon "exchanging" not working for Steroids' active.
Fixed vans being required to destroy before a portal can open at 1-1 \ 1-2.
Fixed proto chest jumping around if pulled onto the crown pedestal.
Fixed jungle flower not spawning sometimes.
Fixed certain 2-1 specific props not spawning sometimes.
Fixed Technomancer spawning turrets outside of the level.
Fixed a possibility of getting multiple 101-1 portals on loops.
Fixed ultra bolts skipping enemies/walls sometimes.
Fixed elite enemy spawn condition not being checked for each enemy separately when duplicating.
Fixed "spawned" enemies (green rats, nest maggots) not getting killed upon entering secrets.
Fixed Horror's Meltdown allowing to "reroll" any extra mutations due to some real old code.
Fixed it being possible to pick up invisible weapons while in portal sometimes.
Fixed big rads charging the statues only by 1 rad.
Fixed 5-1 special prop sometimes getting destroyed by enemies on loops.
Fixed laser and lightning crystals freely moving for a few frames if hit mid-charge.
Fixed Lil Hunter extremely occasionally dying during spawn phase.
Fixed weapons not being swappable during boss intros.
Fixed it being possible to get free ammo via YV Ultra B when having no rads.
Fixed IDPD portals spawning on top of the player without intending to.
Fixed elite shielders telefragging the player sometimes (and generally teleporting oddly).
Fixed golden cars still occasionally being amiss on 3-1.
Fixed assassins not getting killed on special level transitions.
Fixed quick restart in hard mode not incrementing hardmode runs statistic.
Fixed "pop pop upgrade" not being free in terms of rad cost on ultra weapons.
Fixed explosions and enemy flak-type projectiles not being cleared when a portal opens.
Fixed it being possible to destroy throne columns with SPC/other wall clearing weapons before starting the fight.
Fixed lightning weapons not working correctly at 0-1 boss fight.
Fixed rogue strike canisters being replaced by rad canisters if a big weapon chest spawns.
Fixed statues absorbing rads even before activation.
Fixed weapons sometimes rapidly flying off in a direction because of appearing at the same spot.
Fixed weapon pickup mask being slightly off-center.
Fixed a rare crash related to elite shielder.
Fixed 6-1' stationary enemies spawning under 6-1 L1+ boss sometimes.
Fixed 7-3 and 0-1 bosses not dropping rads that were beamed into them.
Fixed a rare softlock in 7-x enemy teleportation.
Fixed "cursed"/glitched crown vaults (where non-guardian enemies would spawn inside).
Fixed portals sometimes appearing at position of last exploded barrel on 1-x.
Fixed Frog being unable to turn around when providing an opposite-to-moving-direction inputs.
Fixed elite shielder's teleport not working correctly.
Fixed a bug with specific prop unintentionally exploding after hitting it with an energy screwdriver and laser brain mutation.
Fixed a rare softlock in raven flight algorithm.
Fixed hyper launcher and hyper slugger hitting allies.
Fixed a very rare bug with portals spawning off-level.
Fixed portals spawning at an unnecessary offset from the last killed enemy.
Fixed a rare crash on dying to CrownGuardian.

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dog books

If you liked the game, you can help the creators to continue making this kind of great games :D

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"Why is ok to pirate" by a random guy from the internet

I am a pirate.
More accurately, I am a copyright infringer, to give it its more legal term. I don't think I have some moral permission or excuse to download TV shows and movies I haven't paid for, but neither do I think it's as harmful an activity as many people make it out to be. So why do I do it? In a nutshell my desire and ability to watch TV shows and movies vastly exceeds the amount of spare money I can afford to allocate to such a pastime. Some people would have you think that every TV show or movie I download is a lost sale, this is not true as I simply could not afford to buy it all. So the question comes down to this, if I couldn't afford to pay for it, should I be able to watch it? Probably not from a moral and legal viewpoint but that doesn't really help the creator of the content; either way, watch it or not, they are not getting paid.
Does my viewing content illegally help the creator of the content? Possibly, if it's good content. If I watch something and find it to be surprisingly good (or even unsurprisingly good) then I tend to recommend it to people. Let's assume I recommend a TV show to 10 people and out of that 10 maybe six decide to watch it. Of that six maybe four pirate it (they are my friends after all). That still leaves two people that decide to watch it legitimately that may not have done so if I hadn't recommended it.
READ MORE: Aussie piracy crackdown: Why Kiwis might be nervous
The producers of Game of Thrones get it, they say they don't really mind the pirates because they are fans, and they help generate buzz and hype about the show, which in turns helps drives sales of the show to new networks and new markets (I am paraphrasing a little, but it was along those lines). While I don't think there is any sort of moral authority or right to get access to this content illegally, I do believe that for good quality content piracy is not really the problem is made out to be and may even prove beneficial to sales and success overall.
As a final thought, most copyright infringers are like myself, we enjoy the content and are fans but simply don't have the spare income to pay for it all. With the recent explosion of online streaming services here in New Zealand (Netflix, Lightbox, Veon) this problem is likely to go away, especially as sites will compete for better deals and acquire more content, so essentially we are talking about an issue that has arisen from a older pricing model that struggled to adapt to changing consumer habits. New services and pricing models are now starting to rise to dominance that cater for this change and, as such, the issue is likely to fade back into the background over the next few years.


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